Tax Return Preparation

We prepare tax returns for entities and individuals for federal, state and local jurisdictions from all over the United States. We look for ways to reduce tax during the current year as well as future periods. We also advise you of modifications to tax laws that would warrant filing amended returns. Traditional tax planning and compliance services provided by Bajaria PLLC include the following:

• Individuals
• Corporations
• Partnerships
• Flow-Through Entities
• Not-for-profit Entities
• Employee Benefit Plans

Federal and State Income Tax Services

As tax laws continue to increase in complexity, and the stakes for businesses continue to rise, risk must be mitigated. More than ever, it is critical to be on top of the latest tax developments. Bajaria PLLC tax professionals bring a breadth of federal and state tax experience to every assignment, and will partner with your organization to proactively address tax matters that arise from every business decision. We advise on all aspects of federal, state and international business taxation.

Our experience includes consulting on medium sized corporations as well as large complex partnerships. Our deep competencies and unique industry level experience, allow us to provide the highest quality of service.

Tax Planning

In complex and changing business environments, you need a tax strategy that is both innovative and creates value. As the global economy grows and your company is doing business in multiple jurisdictions, realizing the impact of the lowest effective tax rate can make the difference. We assist companies in structuring acquisitions, divestitures, entity formation, asset protection and state income tax minimization. We assist individuals in asset protection and estate planning. Tax consulting services include the following:

• Federal and State Audit Representation
• Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
• Entity Selection & Formation
• Multi-State Tax Planning
• Family Business Tax Planning
• Nexus Determination, Consulting & Planning
• FIN 48 Assessment and Documentation
• R&D Credit Calculation & Documentation
• Individual & Estate Tax Planning
• Retirement & Distribution Analysis
• International Taxation & Planning
• Sarbanes-Oxley Support
• Litigation Support
• Transaction Analysis
• Section §199 Manufacturing Deduction Planning
• Transfer Pricing

Sales & Use Tax Services

Operating taxes, such as sales and use taxes, state telecommunication taxes, and alcohol and beverage taxes, are often the most misunderstood and heavily audited areas of state and local taxation. Compliance for these taxes is a time consuming task and can be the source of unexpected tax liabilities or a source of unanticipated tax savings. It is often difficult to determine if there is a taxable presence in a jurisdiction and if so, if a transaction in itself is taxable. Bajaria LLC has experience in handling the sales and use tax compliance function. Several clients enlist Bajaria PLLC as their sales tax department and entrust us with ensuring that applicable sales and use tax laws are being complied with. Our objective is to provide these compliance services by the most efficient means possible while providing an outcome that is most favorable to the client.